Web UI Java School 2012

This has been a special year for our Java training classes, as this was the first year which included Web UI (User Interface) as a subject matter. Hence the year 2012 will be remembered as the first ever Web UI/Java School year in C.T.Co.

The trainers from various technical backgrounds demonstrated their skills, shared their experience and prepared the training materials. The trainer team was featured by Denis Udod, Marianna Troushnikova, Andris Shvarcs, Stanislav Zaichenko, Maris Zemgalis, Nikolay Avdeev and Roman Shadrin.

Starting from the 9th of July over the course of six weeks students learned the magic code of Java, the masterpiece of browser scripting language JavaScript and fancy modern design elements.

Rumor has it, that flash is a dying off technology and our students are to be prepared to face this change. As a part of their learning process they were using the technology that successfully replaces Flash – namely HTML5. Dear reader, if you ever encounter the need to put audio or video in/on your website, or have a desire to show-off with dynamic pie charts, then please note that our students can make your dream come true.

The learning scope was massive. Just imagine learning Java in 6 weeks and you will understand what our students went through. To speed up the development of the students one of the trainers has motivated and encouraged them by giving sweets for the right answers. Yes, this is a bribing method, yet very effective one. Please excuse the trainer if you discovered the need to visit the dentis – C.T.Co insurance covers 50% of the expenses anyway. It was worth it.

7 students of the Web UI/Java School 2012 have joined our team as trainee developers. After the completion of the School our new colleagues shared their thoughts. Overwhelmingly they mentioned that it was an awesome experience – they’ve learned and enhanced their skill sets with knowledge of modern technologies. To express their gratitude students prepared special T-shirts with drawn faces of the teachers. We hues everyone had a lot of fun and joy, both trainers and trainees.

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