JavaScript School 2014

C.T.Co JavaScript school that has started on November 19th and will last up to 19th of December (2014). During this school students had an opportunity to sharpen their skills in technologies like:

  • Document-Oriented Model,
  • Browser Events,
  • HTTP requests (AJAX),
  • Error handling,
  • Functional programming,
  • Object-oriented programming,
  • Modularity and Development tools usage.

This school was a bit different from our previously organized schools as it was led by an external trainer and combined 50% trainer-led and 50% of self-study activities for the students. We decided to invite the external trainer because there was no possibility to involve our internal JavaScript professionals who are overwhelmed by work in their own projects. The first week of school gave us a positive feedback and we hoped that all 5 trainees and 2 our current employees: who participate in this school will delight us with their future endeavors in our company. After the school was finished four students out of seven continued work in our company as Junior Software Developers (and two students were our current employees).

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