Internal Trainings

Learning is an everyday process at C.T.Co and is embedded into all its core processes. At C.T.Co we stimulate learning at all levels and make sure that this process is comes naturally and is supported by all employees. Professionals here are keen on learning and sharing the knowledge acquired thus there is much to learn with us.

Highly skilled trainers from Training and Knowledge Management (TKM) department develop and conduct various IT, Management, Business and Soft-skill domain trainings. Furthermore, our employees are able to learn and get certified in a self-learning mode as well while the TKM trainers provide support and coordination service to their self-study activities.

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25 Sep 10:00 am

Work [IT] event 2021 (Riga Coding School)

Java & Testing School 2016


Happy International Project Management Day 2021!

You can easily distinguish these people in the crowd – as a rule, they have a little more gray hair than their peers and a slightly twitching eye. But do not worry, everything is fine with this person – this is just a project manager who’s project is close to the deadline.  We do not know how many cups of coffee and how much nerves it takes… but what we do know, is that the outcome will be brilliant, as …