04 November, 2021

Happy International Project Management Day 2021!

You can easily distinguish these people in the crowd – as a rule, they have a little more gray hair than their peers and a slightly twitching eye. But do not worry, everything is fine with this person – this is just a project manager who’s project is close to the deadline. 

We do not know how many cups of coffee and how much nerves it takes… but what we do know, is that the outcome will be brilliant, as they know the real price of the words “completed on time, within the planned budget and according to the requirements”!
Today we’re honoring our masters of the multitasking, the great planners and chaos-reducers.

Thank you for making all our projects smooth and clients happy. We truly appreciate your incredible ability to put and keep things together.
You are the real gangsters! Kudos!

Happy International Project Management Day!