Information about company

C.T.Co limited is a Europe-oriented IT solutions and services provider, based in Riga, Latvia (EU) with a track record of delivering enterprise solutions to top global clients for 20 years now.

As one of the largest R&D companies in Latvia, C.T.Co established itself as the most advanced and reliable IT company in enterprise apps market space. It was selected as a strategic partner by Com Tec Co Group Int. (technology group, rendering IT consulting services and innovative solutions to global enterprises and financial institutions). For more than 20 years of successful relationship with its partners, C.T.Co proved to be one of the most reliable R&D services providers.

The company is committed to maintaining high quality standards through a strong sum of out-of-the-box approach, seasoned teams passionate about innovation, over a decade of expertise in the domain, and challenging working environment.

C.T.Co is a leader in Agile application development, maintaining long-term trusted relationships with reputable European & international companies since 1999. The company has successfully delivered a continuum of mission-critical enterprise applications to top global organizations.


C.T.Co Quality and Operations Policy

It is the vision of C.T.Co to be a world-class leader in software development and to be solutions' provider for top tier companies in the reinsurance, insurance and financial services industries.

C.T.Co provides services and products, which consistently meet and exceed the expectations and specifications of our customers. C.T.Co continuously improves quality and security of services, products and processes to deliver solutions of highest value to our customers for their complete satisfaction.

C.T.Co maintains outstanding relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, partners and general public in order to preserve the reputation of the company and strengthen its brand name.

Through excellence in quality service and product delivery to the customers, C.T.Co ensures confident future for employees and shareholders.

Approval date: 31.05.2019

Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001:2015)
Certificate No: 192319-2015-AQ-LVA-FINAS
Valid: 21.12.2018 - 04.01.2022
Initial certification date: 05.01.2004

C.T.Co Information Security Management System

Information Security Management System Certificate (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
Certificate No: 88824
Valid until: 12.12.2023
Initial certification date: 13.12.2017

C.T.Co Energy Management Policy

By implementing Energy Management System Company is planning continuous process improvement and ensuring necessary resources to achieve the objectives in terms of energy use, consumption and energy efficiency.

When dealing with suppliers and when making investments, Company will support the procurements and design activities that consider energy performance improvement.

In terms of Energy Management System operation, we will comply with all applicable legislation as well as other identified requirements relating to energy use, consumption and energy efficiency.

To ensure continuous improvement of the Energy Management System, we:

  • will promote the involvement of our staff, as well as will carry out necessary trainings and availability of information exchanges to ensure that each employee is aware of the impact of their work on energy efficiency;
  • in decision-making at all levels will take into account their potential impact on energy use, consumption and energy efficiency;
  • will use energy resources sustainably and rationally to the extent necessary to maintain the company's work environment and to ensure the service provided.

Thus, we are committed to improve energy performance continuously.

Approval date: 31.05.2019

Energy Management System Certificate (ISO 50001:2018)
Certificate No: 250498-2017-AE-LVA-FINAS
Valid: 30.11.2020 - 29.11.2023
Initial certification date: 30.11.2017